Submerged Arc DC Wire Feeder lt-7 Tractor

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Submerged Arc DC Wire Feeder lt-7 Tractor
Model: LT-7
The LT-7 Tractor is ideal for the following applications: ship and barge building, storage tank erection, bridge deck installation, beam, girder or column fabrication, and long seams on heavy weldment.



Submerged Arc DC Wire Feeder              

The LT-7 Tractor is a self-propelled mechanized wire feeder, designed for the submerged arc process with track system  apabilities. It is self-guiding and easy to operate – only one  perator is usually required. It is designed to be used with a variety of Lincoln DC constant voltage and constant current power sources. The rugged, lightweight unit permits quick movement to the next joint.  Its compact size  fits  through  small openings  and  confined  spaces.  Butt and fillet welds can be   ade   on   heavy   plate   or   steel   as   light  as  12  gauge 2.5mm.


Product Name


 Product No.


Input power


Rated output


Wire feed speed range (m/ph) Wire size range(mm)  Dimensions




LT-7 standard K227-1 115VA


600A / 100%

1100A / 100%

with water cooling

2,5 – 10,2 2,4 – 4,8 698 x 838 x 356 54

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