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With thousands of these guns already in operation worldwide, Ergoline has more than proved itself with clients in the automotive sector and other industries. It’s easy-to-handle design combined with an excellent power to weight ratio ensures that this market leading range meets all manual welding applications

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Ergoline’s ergonomic design simplifies otherwise complicated processes and provides the user with both improved efficiency and productivity. A modular construction allows it to be easily customized and adapted to specific requirements. Ergoline provides a safe welding environment thanks to an enclosed housing unit and reinforced suspension elements. Its concept is the result of the very latest ARO technology and responds to the most complex welding requirements. It helps having healthier operators and cut your risks for workers compensation costs.


  • A concept that meets all requirements
  • Maximum security
  • Reduction in operating costs.


The manufacturing industry is constantly striving for higher profitability in a cost effective manner. ARO responds to these challenges by offering the Ergolean range of guns. Based on a standardized design and derived from ARO’s long standing experience in selecting components with the best ratio of cost versus performance, Ergolean maintains all the essential functions of the Ergoline gun without compromising on efficiency, safety and reliability.


  • Cost savings
  • Faster delivery
  • Reliable solution

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