PRO-51 Universal Mag Drill

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PRO-51 is a new generation mag base drill with Morse Taper No. 2. Unique semi-automatic gib adjustment system enables simple and fast fine tuning without any expert knowledge or experience. Replaceable spline at the end of armature shaft eliminates laborious and expensive maintenance.


Superior features of PRO 51 include

PRO 51 is a new generation magnetic drilling machine with Morse Taper No. 2

  • compact design
  • gear box and slide system made as one piece
  • excellent ratio weight / power
  • maintenance friendly design
  • purpose designed motor with heavy duty gear box
  • maintenance friendly rail guide system

PRO 51 is equipped with the latest generation of electromagnetic energy saving base (ESB) with magnetic field shape control system (MFSC) and magnetic power adhesion control module (MPAC), which detects adhesive force of electromagnetic base and protects both the machine and the operator from work on too thin workpieces


PRO-51 | Universal Mag Drill

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