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The PRO 112T is a drilling machine designed to drill holes with diameters of 12–100 mm (0.47–4″) by using annular cutters. It can also drill holes with diameters of 15–32 mm (0.59–1.26″) by using twist drill bits.




The PRO 112T is a drilling machine designed to drill holes with diameters of 12–100 mm (0.47–4″) by using annular cutters. It can also drill holes with diameters of 15–32 mm (0.59–1.26″) by using twist drill bits.

The machine can change the direction of rotation. This allows thread cutting by using quick change tapping system by Promotech.

Accessories allow, for example, drilling in pipes and cutting threads in holes with different diameters.

Features and benefits

  • 360-degree visual monitoring system indicates current condition of the drill and gives safety and diagnostic information
  • the most powerful motor in its class (among MT3 drills)
  • 4-speed gear with continuous speed adjustment between 50 to 510 rpm
  • intelligent speed control system maintains stable speed regardless the changing load
  • drilling with both TCT & HSS cutters and twist drill bits from small up to large diameters
  • tapping of through and blind holes with intelligent load control
  • full electronic motor control
  • electronic clutch (faster than mechanical one)
  • lightweight and extremely powerful magnetic base
  • stiffness proven design
  • tilt sensor (gyroscopic) protects against drill break away
  • intuitive control panel at top of the drill
  • large coolant container

  • Optimized highly efficient magnetic base
  • extremely powerful
  • lightweight
  • drill weight reduced to only 25 kg

360-degree Visual Monitoring System facilitates machine operation, extends the life of the drill and tools and increases work safety.

360-degree Visual Monitoring System – list of messages




ready to work (green is on)
normal work (white is on)
overheat (red is on)
emergency stop/overload (blue is on)
emergency stop/tilting the machine due to vibrations or weak surface (violet is on)


low adhesive force (green flashes)
near overload (blue flashes)


emergency stop/ voltage drop (red changes to blue)
emergency stop/ worn brushes (red changes to green)

4-speed gear enables drilling with both HSS & TCT cutters and twist drill bits from small up to large diameters. Continuous speed adjustment between 50 to 510 rpm helps to set the optimal speed depending on size of diameter, material grade and tool in use. Intelligent speed control system maintains the constant speed regardless of the changing load and increases tool life.



Hole diameter Rotational speed*
[mm] [in] [rpm]


HSS annular cutter

12–20 0.47– 0.79 255–510 (gear IV)
20–34 0.79– 1.34 140–280 (gear III)
34–52 1.34– 2.05 90–180 (gear II)
52–100 2.05– 3.94 50–100 (gear I)


TCT annular cutter

12–22 0.47– 0.87 255–510 (gear IV)
22–38 0.87– 1.50 140–280 (gear III)
38–62 1.50– 2.44 90–180 (gear II)
62–100 2.44– 3.94 50–100 (gear I)

Twist drill bit

15–18 0.59– 0.71 140–280 (gear III)
18–27 0.71– 1.06 90–180 (gear II)
27–32 1.06– 1.26 50–100 (gear I)

* For a sharp tool and mild steel with a hardness Rm < 500 N/mm2 (70,000 psi), such as St0 (S185), St3S (S235JR), or St4W (S275JO)

Steel with a hardness Rm ≥ 500 N/mm2 (70,000), such as St5 (E295), 18G2A (S355N), or 45 (C45), requires lower speeds. If the speed is too high or too low for the workpiece hardness and the type/diameter of the tool, the tool will wear faster or be unable to drill the hole.

Optional accessories for tapping

  • MT3 Tap Chucks
  • Adapters with Clutch
  • Adapters without Clutch

Example configuration

  • MT3 Tap Chuck x 48 mm – product code: OPR-0584-02-00-00-1
  • Adapter Ø48 with Clutch – product code: WKL-000112
  • Screw tap size M27.
MT3 Tap Chuck x 19 mm

product code: OPR-0584-11-00-00-1

Screw tap size Adapter Ø19 without Clutch product code Adapter Ø19 with Clutch product code
M3 N/A WKL-000092
M4 N/A WKL-000093
M5, M6 N/A WKL-000094
M8 WKL-000069 WKL-000095
M10 WKL-000070 WKL-000098
M12 WKL-000071 WKL-000099
MT3 Tap Chuck x 31 mm

Product code: OPR-0584-08-00-00-1

Screw tap size Adapter Ø31 without Clutch

product code

Adapter Ø31 with Clutch

product code

M8 WKL-000072 WKL-000100
M10 WKL-000073 WKL-000101
M12 WKL-000074 WKL-000102
M14 WKL-000075 WKL-000103
M16 WKL-000076 WKL-000104
M18 WKL-000077 WKL-000105
M20 WKL-000078 WKL-000106
MT3 Tap Chuck x 48 mm

Product code: OPR-0584-02-00-00-1

Screw tap size Adapter Ø48 without Clutch product code Adapter Ø48 with Clutch product code
M14 WKL-000079 WKL-000107
M16 WKL-000080 WKL-000108
M18 WKL-000081 WKL-000109
M20 WKL-000082 WKL-000110
M22, M24 WKL-000083 WKL-000111
M27 WKL-000084 WKL-000112
M30 WKL-000085 WKL-000113

Optional accessories continued

  • Arbor MT3 x 32 mm Weldon
    • for drilling diameter over 60 mm (2.3″)
    • o  Part number: UCW-0563-22-00-00-0
  • Pipe attachment DMP 501
    • for pipes with diameters of 150–500 mm (6–20″)
    • o  Part number: PDS-0111-03-00-01-0
  • Pressure cooling system
    • capacity of 2 liters
    • o  Part number: UKL-0440-16-00-00-0

Standard shipping set

  • Drilling machine
  • Metal box
  • Handle
  • MT3 arbor with 19 mm (0.75″) Weldon tool holder
  • Safety strap
  • Cooling system
  • Protective spring for cooling hose
  • MT3 drift
  • 6 mm hex wrench
  • 5 mm hex wrench with a handle
  • 5 mm hex wrench
  • 8 mm combination wrench
  • Tool can
  • Locking connector (only in 115 V version)
  • Operator’s Manual
PRO-112T  Technical specification


Motor Speeds (under load)

50–100 rpm (gear I) 90–180 rpm (gear II) 140–280 rpm (gear III)

255–510 rpm (gear IV)

Motor Power 2300 W
Weight 25 kg (55 lbs)
Max milling capacity 12–100 mm (0.47–4″)*
Max drilling capacity 15–32 mm (0.59–1.26″)
Max Tap size M30
Stroke 225 mm (8.9″)
Max depth of cut 100 mm (4″)


1~ 220–240 V, 50–60 Hz

1~ 110–120 V, 50–60 Hz

Magnetic clamping force

(surface with the thickness of 25 mm and roughness Ra = 1.25)

1835 kG (18 000 N)

Magnet Base Dimensions

110 mm × 220 mm × 50 mm

4.3″ × 8.7″ × 2″

Min. Workpiece Thickness 10 mm (3/8”)
Spindle MT3

19 mm (3/4”) Weldon


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