Automatic CNC Punching, Drilling and Marking Systems

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The P lines series includes automatic punching and drilling lines for plates up to 80mm thick. These compact lines are made of a sturdy C-frame which guarantees processing accuracy and long term reliability.  The punching line model can also perform drilling and marking operations. The high speed drilling line model instead can also mark, tap and scribe the plate for welding layout marking.




  • Hydraulic punching machine of the C-frame type, with a 500mm throat depth, fitted a tool having three selectable punches. Each punch has a punching force of 800 kN or 1100 kN throughout its entire stroke
  • Ficep PEGASO CNC Control Systemm, with 02 axes integrated into the punching unit
  • Multi-tasking lines capable to carry out most common operations required in the steel construction industry.
  • Simple but efficient solution with reduced footprint for easy installation.
  • Automatic zero reference unit for accurate measurement.
  • Clever self-adjustable clamping system to always suit the plate thickness.
  • Remote diagnosis is possible through a network connection that allows our service team to perform routine checks….


Working range mm 500 x repositioning 800 x repositioning
Punches No. 3 3
Max. Punching Dia. mm 46 46
Max. Thickness mm 25 25
Punch. Nominal power kN 800 1100
Drilling spindle No. 1 1
CNC Axes No. 2 2



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