With the development of digital technologies such as robotics, sensor technology, artificial intelligence, Nano technology, IoT and 3D printing technology, companies in Vietnam are still young but not outside of the influence of Technology Reform 4.0. The trend of automation and information exchange has created the “Smart Factory”, many of the 4.0 Technology platforms have been gradually introduced into production, optimizing production processes through “real-time” interaction between machines and operators, designers, and management

In recognition of that, WELDTEC has defined the vision of mission: “Integration of technology 4.0, promoting mechanical engineering.” WELDTEC has taken the lead in updating new technology equipment from developed countries in the world such as USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Poland … at the same time sending engineers to study abroad in order to improve the expertise of the source staff, and become the core team of the company

With the right direction and endless effort, WELDTEC has become one of the leading units in mechanical equipment, especially mechanical welding cutting, providing advanced equipment and consulting technology solutions for industrial groups such as LiLama, Vinashin, PetroVietnam, Factories of General Department of Industry – Ministry of Defense, Steel Structure Factory, Motorbike factories, vocational schools across the country, etc. WELDTEC has become a trusted partner of not only domestic enterprises but also foreign corporations such as GE, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Sumitomo, Fuijkin, KMV … We successfully applied to bring high efficiency in production.

The strength of WELDTEC is confirmed when the world-famous firms trust to authorize us to be the official representative in Vietnam:

  • Akyapak (Turkey): corrugated machine
  • CEA (Italy): welding machine
  • Corimpex (Italy): large-sized girder welding systems
  • Ficep (Italy): CNC sheet processing machine, angle steel and shaped steel
  • Hitachi | Moldino, NT Tool (Japan): leather, alloy, chrome
  • Hypertherm (USA): plasma cutting machines,
  • Koike (Japan): CNC cutting machine, gas cutting machine
  • Lincoln Electric (USA): welding machines, welding materials, automatic welding systems
  • Panasonic (Japan): welding robot, welding machine
  • Promotech (Poland): magnetic drilling machine, bevelling machine
  • UTP, Bohler, Fontagen (Germany, Austria): special welding material
  • Yamazaki Mazak (Japan): CNC machining center, laser

In addition to imported equipments, WELDTEC has strengthened its capacity to develop research and manufacture of CNC Gas-Plasma cutting machine that has won gold medals at the Vietnam International Trade Fair EXPO 2005. One-way rectifier 6 VDM 1001 has been granted a 2004 product design certificate. WELDTECH has manufactured and produced one-way multi-point welding machines.  ARCFORCE MOR1500, MOR3000 are gold medal products at the International Industrial Exhibition Shipbuilding – Maritime and Vietnam Shipping in 2006, which have been exported through the markets Malaysia, Greece, Bangladesh ….

Along with the quality of service, WELDTEC’s scale of operation has also expanded. From a single office headquarter in 415 Giai Phong, Hanoi, WELDTEC has continued to open its branches in Hai Phong, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau and set up a factory in Trieu Khuc – Tan Trieu – Thanh Tri – Hanoi.

Over the past 20 years of operation, WELDTEC has made a considerable contribution to the development of the mechanical industry in particular as well as the Vietnamese industry in general. Having achieved such results, besides the enthusiasm and the fatigue efforts of the staff of the company, the trust and support of customers and suppliers is taken into account.

In response to that belief, WELDTEC has always maintained its mission of affirming the brand through its annual activities: international exhibitions, technology conferences, training and technology transfer, customer care after sales … with the only desire to bring to customers the most advanced technology products, the most effective application solutions, saving the maximum investment cost for customers.