Horizontal Center Nexus II Series

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All HCN models come equipped with the Mazatrol Matrix CNC control, featuring simple, smart conversational programming, complete with monitoring and diagnostics. It boasts a compact footprint, too. There isn’t another machine in its class that has so much to offer.




The HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS (HCN) world-class lineup of horizontal machining centers combines outstanding value with high-performance features, enabling manufacturers to achieve maximum productivity when working with virtually any type of material.

These machines provide unmatched machining stability and ease of operation by utilizing Mazak’s MATRIX NEXUS CNC controls. Furthermore, while these machines require minimal floor space, they still provide exceptionally wide machining areas for handling large workpieces.


  • Pallet size range from 400 mm square to 1,250 mm square
  • Wide variety of spindle specifications featuring #40 and #50 taper spindle designs for high-speed, high-horsepower and high-torque metal cutting performance
  • Ballscrew Core Cooling (XYZ) standard to ensures thermal stability over long machining cycles
  • Highest maximum workpiece diameter, height and weight in its class
  • Cam-driven automatic tool changer function ensuring high speed and reliable tool change cycles
  • Machines pre engineered for integration into factory automation including Mazak’s PALLETECH Manufacturing Cell
  • Wide variety of tool magazines and tool hives to 330 tools to meet the wide variety of work piece lot size and unattended production
  • Table work piece variations available providing high speed, high accuracy work piece positioning
  • The industry’s fastest Two Pallet Changer as standard with rotating front pallet for ease of set up
  • Ergonomic friendly machine designs featuring large windows, swiveling operation panel, ease of part & tool loading, and easy access into maintence areas.
  • Touch Probe Ready Spindle designs allowing ease of field installation


  • Wide range of spindle power & speeds available.
  • Wide machining areas and large table capacities.
  • Narrow footprint for better floor space utilization.
  • Designed for ease of maintenance.
  • Wide variety of tool magazines available.
  • One piece base design.


TECHNICAL DATA 4000-II 5000-II 6000-II
Pallet size mm 400 x 400 500 x 500 500 x 500
Max.workpiece dimension mm 630 x 900 800 x 1000 900 x 1000
Pallet load capacity kg 400 700 1000
Travel (X/Y/Z) mm 560 / 630 / 640 730 / 730 / 740 800 / 800 / 800
Spindle speed rpm 18000 10000
Tool storage capacity 40 (60, 80…) 40 (60, 80…) 40 (60, 80…)
Machine weight kg 9,500 11,000 14,700


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