The 5 Latest Tech Trends In The Industrial Machinery World

We live in an age where innovation and technology are positively overflowing from every aspect of the industrial field. Well, it’s about time that we get to grips with these up-and-coming trends and today, we are going to do just that. So, let’s take a look at four of the latest tech trends that are taking the industrial machinery world by storm. Prepare to be dazzled!

Trend #1: Industry 4.0

Now the term Industry 4.0 refers to the use of information and communication technologies for production and automation. It is set to grow into a trend due to the digitalising and networking of the processes from corporate management all the way down to the factory floor that provides potential for value creation. Industry 4.0 creates the base for technology and solutions that offer manufacturing companies the opportunity to identify flaws, weaknesses and inevitable disruptions in their production processes before it is too late. This allows them the time to resolve these issues even before anything goes wrong. It’s the dream for the world of industrial machinery! Now, let’s take a look at some of the elements that Industry 4.0 possesses:

  • Enhanced cloud-based information processing
  • Implemented end-to-end data security
  • Conversation of raw data to useful information
  • Communication-enabled processes and systems

So now we know about some of the elements, let’s see what the core functions of Industry 4.0 are:

  • Digitisation
  • Networking
  • Analysis in superordinate IT systems
  • Origin of optimisation measures and feedback from processes

Trend #2: Al Foundation

Al can be used to enhance decision makingreinvent business models and ecosystems as well as remake the customer experience to drive digital initiatives. Although using Al correctly can mean big digital business rewards, the promise (and pitfall) of general Al is that the systems magically perform any intellectual task that a human can and progressively learn as much as humans do. Narrow AI consists of highly scoped machine-learning solutions. This form of Al targets a specific task with algorithms chosen that are optimized for that particular task.

Trend #3: Intelligent Apps and Analytics

Now, in the next few years, we know that every app, application and service will integrate Al in some way. Al will play a role in the background of many, well-known, application categories while giving rise to entirely new ones. Intelligent apps create a new intelligent intermediary layer between people and systemsand, also, have the potential to transform the nature of the work itself and the structure of the workplace – as is evident with virtual customer assistants and enterprise advisors and assistants. Augmented analytics is a particularly strategic advancing area that uses machine learning for automating data preparation, insight discovery and insight sharing for a wide range of business users and operational workers, perfect for the industrial machinery world.

Trend #4: Intelligent things

Intelligent things are described by Gartner as using Al and machine learning to interact in a more intelligent way with people and surroundings. These things operate semi-autonomously or autonomously in an under-supervised environment for a set amount of time to complete a particular task. This is particularly useful in the world of industrial machinery where time is money so having machinery that can self-direct will be only increase efficiency. As the market and use of all things intelligent booms, we can expect to see a switch from stand-alone intelligent things to a vast variety of intelligent things that are collaborative. If this is the way, multiple devices will work together, either independently or with some human help. It is currently being used centrally by the military, but it could be making its transition into the consumer world sooner than we think.

Trend #5: Digital Twin

A digital twin is what we call “a digital representation of a real-world entity or system”. They are often connected to real-world objects and offer information on their counterparts as they respond to changes, improve operations and add value. In the near future, digital twins will exist for billions of things and we will be able to gain insights into how products are used and in what ways they can be improved. This feature will prove very useful in the industrial world.

Well, these are the 5 latest tech trends that causing a stir in the world of industrial machinery world and it’s time that we embrace them!


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