The Power Wave® AC/DC 1000® SD delivers Waveform Control Technology® to submerged arc welding. Choose constant current or constant voltage operation and set variable frequency and amplitude. Software-driven AC, DC positive or DC negative output allows the user to control the deposition rate and penetration. The result over conventional power sources is increased weld speeds, consistently higher quality welds and improved efficiencies in a single or multi-arc environment.

Increased deposition rate mean more production output, faster completion time and faster return on investment. Based on our time study, compare a single arc DC+ with deposition rate of 8kg/hr and need 250 hours to deposit 1000 kg weld metal at 50% operating factor, whereas with Tandem Arc AC/DC, the deposition rate is 25 kg/hr and need 80 hours to deposit similar weld metal at the same operating factor. But Lincoln Electric does not stop there.With Triple arc AC/AC/AC, the actual record deposition rate is 40 kg/hr, shorten production time to 25 hours only!!!

 To have a customized cost calculations, please contact Weldtec Sales Manager  for further discussion with actual figures provided from your actual production facility.

Other activities provided by Weldtec:

  • Visit Singapore Advanced Solutions Centre for a demonstration of Single arc/ Tandem arc/ Triple arc
  • Workshop survey for documented cost reduction and increase productivity
  • PQR assistance for consumable recommendations
  • System checks
  • Trouble shooting
  • Training and re-training on-site as well as in Singapore

Our Lincoln Specialist: Mr. Hung: +84978606912

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