The need for Robot in manufacturing and processing industries is increasing not only in Vietnam but also all over the world.With welding robot, the use of mechanized programmable tools, completely automate a welding process by both performing the weld and handling the part.

For welding plate and pallet with various metal bar or box, the manufacturers have various difficulties with manual welding, mainly because the welding lines are required in different sizes of the parts, manual positioner take long time to process, also the welding quality is depend on operators’ skill and therefore not consistent.

The advantages of Panasonic welding robot for pallet and plates

Keep consistent parts accuracy

Unlike manual welding which is alway affected by operator’s skill and experience as well as welding parameters setting, Panasonic welding robot with HD-pulse technology for high-speed welding, reduce distortion, ensure a consistent welding quality – consistent penetration, consistent heat amount and stable quality.

Reduce welding and assembling time

Based on our recent time study between manual welding and robotic welding for Swing Arm Production, the actual welding time for Robot reduces more than 40% welding time compared with manual welding. Plus Spatter reduction technology from Panasonic with CO2 and mixed gas, the total production time is reduced drastically.

Saving costs

Saving time means saving costs. Moreover, robotic welding also leads to a reduction in operation costs in terms of: labor costs, consumables, production down-time, … the return on investment rate is therefore shorten.

Increase productivity

A complete solution for Panasonic Welding cell, including positioner or shifter, is now realized with Weldtec Robotic team. We can offer various option to upgrade your current manufacturing facility. From simple to more advanced automation solutions according to your actual products.

Do not hesitate to contact our Robot specialist for further discusstion with suitable products for your WPS.

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